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Brass Battery terminals  Accessories for SWITCHGEARS 


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Brass Battery Terminals are available in many different designs but in general there are only main three types which are - LUCAS , ANGLE & STRIP.
In which Lucas is available in three sizes, 9.5mm,11mm & 13mm. Top three figures are of Lucas type.
We have also developed some special designs made by "FORGING" on the demand of our customer.
Our technocrats are capable to design any type of Terminals through Forging or any other process, though it is too difficult.

Brass Electrical Fuse Switchgear Accessories Components for Switchgears

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One of our divisions also manufactures these  components for Switchgears from which some components have shown hereby.

We manufacture following "Electric components" : Plunger, Hex plunger , V-type plunger for Brass Holder, U-type Brass Plunger for Porcelain Holder, Brass Ring for Backlite Holder, Hex Ceiling Rose, Male-Female Pin Socket, 5Amp. 2-pin/3-pin set (Solid or Hollow), 15 Amp. 2-pin,3-pin Socket, D.P. Switch Contact, Brass Connector Contact, Jack Pin, T.V. Male Female Pin, Brass Reducer, Brass Wood Nipple, Dum-Nut, Meter Screw Parallel Adapter, Brass Adapter, Brass Neutral Link-Screws (As per customer's Specification), 'U' & 'L' type contact, Brass Saddles, Brass Male Female Bushes, 'Brass Cable Glands' etc. Moreover, we can supply any type of component as per customer specifications, in addition to our standard designed products.


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